How Did I Get Into This Pit?

Practical Life Lessons from Joseph

Life has its ups and downs. The ups can be wonderful, but the downs can be devastating—especially when one of your downs turns out to be a pit. Many people suddenly find themselves in the depths of almost unbelievable desperation and despair.

“How did I get here?” They ask. “And how can I get out?” Perhaps it’s a recent medical report, an issue at work, a financial catastrophe, a family relationship gone wrong—or a combination of events.

In this helpful and application-filled book, David Haberer carefully and compassionately guides you through the life of Joseph in the Old Testament. Joseph was a remarkable young man who came from a dysfunctional family and suddenly found himself having to navigate circumstances he could never have even begun to imagine. If you know you are in a pit, take up this book and read it—and you will soon find that these words from David resonating with you!

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Reviews for "How Did I Get Into This Pit?"

Robert Michalak
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As a 50 year old who grew up in the Catholic church… wandered away from it as a young adult, and now trying to find their way back, this book hit home on many fronts. In a time where much of world seems to be missing or ignoring God’s message entirely, comfort was found. What I never understood in my younger years, has at times been even more difficult to understand as an adult. Reading this book brought perspective and insight that I had not anticipated… particularly the plan of God is His plan, not my plan… even when I don’t understand it.
Former Events Director of Church For All Nations NYC
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“Pastor Haberer’s “How Did I Get into This Pit?” highlights all-too-human experiences with humility. This work offers clarity to shared collective questions and crises faced through relatable terms, examples, and spiritual anchors. This is terrific relaying relatable and extraordinary human weakness and weariness to redemption and salvation.”
William Bonilla
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How Did I Get into This Pit? Will doubtless stand the test of time and speak to people wanting truth for years to come. This book should be read by everyone.
About the Author

David Haberer

In over 40 years of ministry David Haberer has pastored 3 urban churches, is a chaplain with Marketplace Chaplains, continues to be a community organizer and was a leader with the Industrial Areas Foundation, held evangelism training workshops with Lutheran Hour Ministries also editing their evangelism curriculum, and did extensive refugee resettlement of Southeast Asians and East Africans. David has a BFA degree from the School of Visual Arts, and an MDiv from Alliance Theological Seminary. In his writing, preaching and speaking his desire is that people will know they can trust God even when asking, “Why is this happening to me.” David loves to read and engage in long discussions on the joys and struggles of life. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his loving wife Sharon. They have been together for 50 years.

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